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"Spectre" is 24th James Bond movie produced by "Eon Productions". Movie Starring Daniel Craig in his 4th performance as "James Bond 007" and Christoph Waltz as "Franz Oberhauser", the film's antagonist. The film is directed by Sam Mendes in his 2nd 007 James Bond film, and It's written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan. The story says James Bond's 1st encounter with the criminal organisation known as "SPECTRE", marking the organisation's first appearance in a film since 1971's Diamonds Are Forever.

A cryptic message from the past sends James Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal. James Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as "SPECTRE."
As James Bond ventures towards the heart of "SPECTRE", he learns of a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks, The role played by Christoph Waltz.

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Spectre Movie Dialogues Lyrics

You have no Authority

Mexico City,
What were you doing that?

So Whats going on James?
They say you finished.
What do you think?
I think you are just getting started

Do you want more thing from me?
What do you have in mind
May be Dissapear..

Tell me where he is?
He is Everywhere..

Get away from me?
Why should i trust you?
BCoz ryn know I am your best chance to stay alive...

This organization
Do you what it Called?

It's name is "Spectre"
Do you know who links more..

It was me james..
The author of all your pain..

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