9 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 5000 Rupees in June 2020

Are you looking for amazingly best guitar options under 5000 rupees?

Well finding a guitar under 5000 rs is very easy with this Imslv's guide. Keep reading...

Good music deserves good-quality instruments, and this is something you can do with this list of acoustic guitars from Imslv.

guitars under 5000

We have looked into more than 25 acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars and then we have come up with the list of guitars under 5000 rupees for you.

These guitars have great sound quality, high durability and the ease of use for both guitar beginners as well as guitar professionals.

Before you jump into the ultimate list of guitars under 5000 rupees, quickly we would like to show you our top three picks from Amazon India below under 5k:


Keep reading to check out the list of top 9 guitars under five thousand rupees only on Imslv.

List of 9 Best Guitars Under 5000 Rs. in India in 2020

Check out the top nine best selling acoustic guitars which a beginner and a professional can use only on Imslv:

  1. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar🎸
  2. Zabel🎸 Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar
  3. Givson Ketostics🎸 Venus Acoustic Guitar
  4. Kadence🎸 KAD-BLK-EQ-C Acoustic Guitar
  5. Signature Topaz Blue Acoustic Guitar🎸
  6. Acoustic Whitewood 🎸Acoustic Guitar
  7. Xtag X-40C Whitewood 🎸Acoustic Guitar
  8. Zabel🎸 ZBL-NAT-C Acoustic Guitar
  9. Blueberry🎸 B-40Y-Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

Check out the features of the guitar and choose your first guitar under 5000 rupees with this guide. We have talked about the things we liked the respective guitars under the 5k price segment.

We have included guitars from Flipkart and Amazon India based on customer's guitar experience. Keep reading...

1) Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar (Best For Beginners)

kadence guitar under 5000
Kadence Offer Price - 4,999/- View on Amazon India

Kadence Frontier Series is the best acoustic guitar for beginners with an attractive finish and good quality sound under 5000 rupees price tag. Kadence guitar comes with truss rod, guitar bag, 1 pack of strings, strap and picks.

Why buy Kadence Frontier Series?

=> It is a 6 round wood strings guitar.
=> The strings are of a good quality stainless steel.
=> Guitar grip is nice with glossy touch.
=> Awesome guitar at affordable price.
=> You get Allen Key along with Extra pack of strings, Strap, and Bag.

Overall an amazing guitar option with good quality sound at the lowest price of 4,999/- Click to Buy Now on Amazon India

2) Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar (Value For Money)

zabel guitar under 5000
Zabel Deal Price - 4,999/- View on Amazon India

Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar is one of the most elegant collections from Zabel's guitar family. This guitar comes with a glossy matt finish body.

The guitar body is made of Spruce wood and the Fret Board is made of maple wood, giving it a higher lifespan. Because of the cutaway design and the truss rod you can get a high sound quality.

Zabel Matt Finish Guitar Features:

=> It comes with easy tuning pegs made up of high-quality metal with smooth plastic keys.
=> Bridge material is of plastic and the neck material of the guitar is of the spruce wood body.
=> Eighteen truss rod frets for better adjustment of Zable guitar action.
=> The box comes with Guitar bag, strings, strap and picks.

Overa a decent guitar options under 5k budget. Check Now on Amazon India

3) Givson Ketostics Venus Vs-blk Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

Givson Acoustic Guitar Price 4,399/- Check on Amazon India

Givson is one of the best and largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars in India which makes amazing quality guitars. Amazon India package contains 1 guitar, guitar bag, string set, belt and 5 guitar picks.

Why buy Givson Acoustic Guitar?

=> It produces great sound.
=> Good quality product for beginners
=> Value for money for guitar lover.

Overall a great guitar product with awesome sound and design.

Check out the latest offers and price on Amazon India!

4) Kadence KAD-BLK-EQ-C Spruce Acoustic Guitar🎸

kadence guitar under 5000
Kadence Guitar Price 4,999/- Check on Flipkart

Kadence KAD-BLK-EQ-C has excellent craftsmanship along with good sound quality. The box includes a guitar strap, 3 guitar picks, and a pack of string along with Kadence acoustic guitar.

Good things about Kadence Guitar:

=> A great option for both guitar amateurs & professionals
=> Super durable built quality with glossy black colour.
=> Great sound quality and its resonates perfectly.
=> Pick up & Inbuilt Equilizer is of the best quality.

There is no inbuilt tuner, You have to tune it manually which is okay. Overall this guitar is the right choice for beginners and also for professionals.

Click to find out the latest price and offers on Flipkart!

5) Signature Topaz Blue Rosewood Acoustic Guitar

signature guitar under 5k
Signature Guitar Price 4,499/- Check on Flipkart

The main USP of Signature guitar is its topaz blue colour shade. The functionality and style of the guitar are great. The brand says this guitar is sure to be your favourite companion wherever you go.

Why Signature Topaz Acoustic Guitar?

=> Very good product from Signature.
=> 179 Ratings and 44 Reviews with 4.1 Start rating.
=> Blue colour looks great.
=> Sound quality is good.

In our opinion, it's good for beginners as there are a lot of beginners who bought this.

Give it try, Click and find the latest offers on Flipkart!

6) Acoustic Whitewood Acoustic Guitar On Flipkart

acoustic guitar under 5000
Whitewood Guitar Price 4,699/- Check on Flipkart

Check out this acoustic guitar 39 inches standard size in whitewood material in black colour. Fretboard material is Rosewood and string material is brass.

Click to find the latest offers on Flipkart India.

7) Xtag Model X-40C 40 Inches Whitewood Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitars under 5000 rs
Xtag Acoustic Guitar Price 4,999/- Check on Flipkart

8) Zabel ZBL-NAT-C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

zabel under 5000 rs
Zable Guitar Price 4,050/- Find out on Flipkart!

This is 38 inch Linden Wood and Maple Wood guitar from Zabel brand. It comes with 18 frets and 6 strings. You also get truss rod for better adjustment of guitar actions. The box comes with a guitar bag, 6 strings, strap and picks.

Good things about Zable Acoustic Guitar:

=> Zabel guitar has great sound quality.
=> Suitable for beginners.
=> Value for money.

Slightly heavy but you can manage that. Overall a great option for people who are looking guitars for beginners under 5000 rs.

Click to check the latest price and discounts on Flipkart!

9) Blueberry Model Number B-40Y-Sunburst, 40 Inches Acoustic Guitar

blueberry guitar under 5000
Blueberry Acoustic Guitar Price 4,999/- Find on Flipkart

If you're on a tight budget then you can check our other guide where we are suggesting best guitars under 3000 rupees and best guitars under 2000 rs

Guitars Under 5,000 Rs. - The Conclusion

Before purchasing the guitar please do extensive research online or by consulting your network who play the guitar or you can also watch review videos on Youtube.

I hope this guide from Imslv.com will help you to choose your pocket-friendly guitar under 5000 Indian rupees.

Comment below if you want to add your suggestion to this 5000 Rs. guitar list. Thanks for reading.

Paatal Lok Dialogues, Trailer & Memes Starring Jaideep Ahlawat (पाताल लोक)

This Summer,
The Road To Heaven Goes Through Hell.

paatal lok web series

Paatal Lok (पाताल लोक) is a new web series by Amazon Original.

Paatal Lok is premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 15th May 2020. The web series is created by Clean Slate Films on Amazon Original.

Name: Paatal Lok
Genre: TV Series
Actors: Gul Panag, Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Niharika Lyra Dutt, Swastika Mukherjee
TV Status: Returning Series
Release Month: May 2020
Networks: Amazon Prime, Clean Slate Films

पाताल लोक - Story Line

Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is pessimistic, washed-out Delhi cop who has nothing to look forward to in his average career. But that is until the day a high profile case lands on his table, a case too big and important for his designation.

The case turns into a dark mystery thriller that leads the inspector to the dark realm of the underworld referred to "Paatal Lok".

Hathi Ram’s intuition tells him to investigate the lives of the suspects. He discovers startling truths and insights that eventually help him rediscover his responsibilities as a cop, his place in the larger scheme of things and the larger meaning of life itself.

Amazon Original Paatal Lok Trailer at Imslv

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join amazon prime vides

Patal Lok Star Cast

The star cast includes Neeraj Kabi as Sanjeev Mehra, Jaideep Ahlawat as Hathiram Chaudhary, Gul Panag as Renu Chaudhary (Hathiram's Wife), Abhishek Banerjee as Vishal (Hathoda) Tyagi, Swastika Mukherjee as Dolly Mehra, Ishwak Singh as Imran Ansari, Sandeep Mahajan as Dahiya, Jagjeet Sandhu as Tope Singh (Chaaku) and Asif Khan as Kabir M in the mail lead roles along with Mairembam Ronaldo Singh as Mary Lyngdoh or Chini, Niharika Lyra Dutt as Sara Matthews, Bodhisattva Sharma as Siddharth Chaudhary, Anindita Bose as Chanda Mukherjee, Vipin Sharma, Asif Basra, Manish Choudhary and Akash Khurana in various supporting roles.

Paatal Lok Dialogues Lyrics

Read paatal lok web series dialogues that describe everyday life situations of the Indian crime department here at Imslv.com.

Ye Jo Duniya Hai Na Duniya,
Ye Ek Nahi Theen Duniya Hai
Sabse Upar Swarg Lok, Jisme Devta Rehte Hai
Beech Me Dharti Lok, Jisme Aadmi Rehte Hai
Aur Sabse Neeche Paatal Lok, Jisme Kide Rehte Hai

Vaise To Yeh Sab Shastro Mein Likha Hua Hai Par,
Maine Whatsapp Pe Padha Tha.

whatsapp dialogue paatal lok

Phone Kyu Fekya Tha Paani Mein,
Kon Sa Phone?
Vo TV Pe Tere Maa Ki Sagai Dikha Rahe Hai, BhenCh#d
TV Wale To Kuch Bhi Dikhate Hai Saab.

Phone Kyu feka dialogue paatal lok

En Charo Ko Arrest Karne Ka Procedure Shuru Karo.
Charge Kya Rahega Sir
Conspiracy Of Murder

Charo Ki History Sheet Nikalvaa.

Sir Ek Baat Bolu Personal Mat Lena.
Aap Cigarette Pine Ki Acting Naa, Chutiyo Wali Karte Hai.

Tope Singh, Kabir M, Mary Lyngdoh, And Vishal Tyagi 14 Days Police Remand Approved.

Ye C Kiske Liye Hain
C For Chakoo
C For Chut!Ya, [email protected] Ke L#Nd

Sir Koi Hai Jo Saboot Mita Raha Hain.

paatal lok dialogues

Cbi Hamse Case Transfer Kar Raha Hai, Thanks To Your F#Ck Up!
You're Suspended.

Meri Biwi Sochti Hogi, Kiss Ch#Tiye Se Shadi Kar Lee
Ladka To Vaise Bhi Sidhe Muh Baat Nahi Karta
Sab To Yehi Kahenge Naa, Hathi Ram Ke Hote Ye Case Solve Hota To Bhi To Kaise?

Case Mere Liye Bahut Jaruri Hai Ansari

To Sanjiv Mehra - Sab Saale Muftkhoor Paale Hue Hai Maine.

muftkhor dialogue paatal lok

Sir Aadhi Jindagi Baap Ki Aankhon Me Dekha Hai Ki Uska Beta Ch#Tiya Hai
Baki Ki Jindagi Bete Ke Aankhon Me Nahi Dekhna Chahta Hi Uska Baap Ch#Tiya Hai
Jay Hind Sir

Mujhe Please Bacha Lo,
Aap Jo Kahoge Mein Karungi Sir

Kabhi-Kabhi Patal Lok Ke Jo Kide Hai Naa
Vo Dharti Lok Ke Aadmiyo Ko Kaat Lete Hai
Aur Unke Kaatne Se Hota Hai Kaand.

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Paatal Lok Memes - Enjoy and Share on Social Media

Check out funny and relatable memes with everyday situations from Paatal Lok web series only at Imslv.com, Tell us which is your favourite meme in the comment section.

paatal lok meme

mumbai police paatal lok meme

paatal lok memes onlline

funny pataal lok meme

Paatal Lok The Consclusion -

I hope you enjoyed #PaatalLok stuff here at Imslv.com, Do share your favourite patal lok dialogue and meme with us in the comment section.

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16 Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India (Buying Guide May 2020)

Are you looking for the best earphones under 500 Rupees in India?

Well, you are in the right place. In the post, we have created a list of latest and the best earphones under five hundred rupees from top brands.

best 500 rupees earphones India

In case if you're someone who wants an extra pair of good budget earphones as a backup then you're going to truly appreciate this post.

We looked into more than 25 best earphones under 500 Indian rupees to come to this list. Here's a list of top sixteen earphones in India based on earphone customer experience and reviews analysis.

Explore the latest list of 500 Rupees Earphones in May 2020

Discover the top 16 best earphones under Rs. 500 in India from popular brands like JBL, Boat, Motorola, Mi, and few more at Imslv.com, Read more.

1) Mi Earphone Basic (Best Value For Money)

We have first in our list Basic Mi Earphone with ultra-deep bass and mic. You can find 3 colours for this earphone: Black, Blue, and Red.
Click and view on Amazon

Features of MI Earphone:

🤩 These are ultra-deep bass in-ear headphones with high-quality silicone buds.
🤩 Experience HD clear sound with super extra bass under 500 rs.
🤩 It has a powerful 10 mm drivers installed.
🤩 Comes with In-Line microphone
🤩 Play/Pause, Answer Call, Change music tracks with a single press.
🤩 It has passive noise isolation technology.

This is a great option under 500 Rupees, Buy Now on Amazon India.

2) boAt BassHeads 100 (Perfect Length & Fit)

Check out this boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear wired earphone with super extra bass and in-line Mic at Imslv. The earphone design is inspired by Hawk.
Click to view on Amazon

Features of boAt Earphone:

🤩 Superb build quality.
🤩 Durable earphone from boAt at affordable price.
🤩 A perfect wire length and It is tangle-free.
🤩 Sound quality is great.
🤩 Hawk Inspired Design gives perfect fit in the ear.

The latest price is 399/- Buy Now from Amazon.in.

3) Wecool W001 Earphone ( Brand Calls it Mr Bass)

Wecool W001 snug fit wired in-ear headphone comes with Mic and MFB controller and 3.5 Mm aux which gives dynamic crystal clear sound for calling and music.
See more on Amazon.in

Wecool W001 Earphone comes in 2 colour variants: Black and Red. Our favourite is Red.

It also comes with Type C connectivity. Either you can choose 3.5 mm jack earphone or Type C earphone. The choice is yours.

WeCool W001 Earphone Features:

🤩 It comes with a metallic magnetic design which looks great.
🤩 It comes with voice assistant and MFB button.
🤩 You can experience hi-fi stereo sound with this wired earphone.
🤩 The ear fitting is good.

Overall a good earphone under Rs. 500. Current price is 349/- Buy Now on Amazon India.

4) Artis E400M Headphone with Mic

Artis E400M In-Ear Headphone is another good option under 500 rupees from the brand Artis. There are two colour options are available: Black and White. You also get 3 pairs of different sized ear caps with the purchase of this earphone.
Click to see on Amazon

Artis E400M Features:

🤩 It gives sharp sound with powerful bass support.
🤩 The design is dynamic, ergonomic and ultra-lightweight.
🤩 Perfectly compatible with all your audio devices. Connect with 3.5mm Audio jack.
🤩 Premium material cable enhances the overall earphone experience.
🤩 It also makes the earphone highly durable.
🤩 3 pairs of different sized ear caps (S, M, L) for the perfect ear fit.

The latest price is 399/- Buy Now on Amazon India.

5) Motorola Pace 100 Headphone (Alex In-Built)

Here's another great earphone option from the brand Motorola. It is Motorola Pace 100 in-Ear headphone comes with Mic and Alexa. Only one colour available which is black.
Click & view on Amazon.in

Motorola Pace 100 Features:

🤩 Comes with Alexa feature. Push a button and command.
🤩 Comes with integrated in-line mic and call button.
🤩 Experience rich bass and clear sound with this earphone.
🤩 10mm speaker driver Installed.
🤩 1.2m cable length for ease of use.

Special Price 349/- Rupees on Amazon India, Shop Now.

6) Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 (Deep Bass Sound)

Check this Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 in-Ear deep bass earphones with Mic comes in six colour options: Red, Blue, Black, Black & Red, Black & Blue, and Black & orange combination.

Check offers on Amazon.in
Feature of JBL Zip 20:

🤩 Experience deep-bass sound.
🤩 Comfortable in-ear fit design
🤩 Hands-free calling option with One Button press
🤩 Tangle-free 1.2m long durable and good quality cable
🤩 Voice assistant support
🤩 Comes with 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Special Price 349/- Rupees on Buy Now on Amazon India.

7) Boult Audio X1 (HD Quality Sound)

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear wired earphones to come with inbuilt Mic, deep bass and high definition sound with two colour options Red and Grey. Experience award-winning sound with Boult X1 earphones under 500 rupees.
Click & see offers on Amazon.in

Boult Audio BassBuds Features:

🤩 Single-button in-line control on Answer/reject calls, play/pause, and voice command.
🤩 Comes with aerospace grade AL alloy drivers give the best acoustics, 3D High Definition sound and punchy bass.
🤩 Comes with ear fins for sport in-ear fit. Best for running, climbing, hiking, cycling etc
🤩 This has a premium metallic finish.
🤩 In-built micro-woofers gives a crystal clear HD sound experience.
🤩 Natural Wood design looks awesome.

Offer Price is 399/- Click and Buy on Amazon.in.

8) Realme Earbuds with 3 Buttons

Realme Earbuds is the best options under 500 Rs. earphones segment. It comes with Mic and Three-button remote option to manage multiple tasks from the earphone. Only one colour option is available which is a combination of yellow and black colour.
Find offers on Amazon.in

Realme Earbuds Features:

🤩 This is India’s first magnetic earphones under 500 rupees.
🤩 It gives 160% louder bass, Claimed by the brand.
🤩 It comes with break-resistant Kevlar fibre protects.
🤩 This is a premium quality earphone from the inside out
🤩 It has a 3 button remote do to control music, handle phone calls, and Google Assistant use.
🤩 It comes with 6 months brand warranty.

The latest price is 499/- Buy Now on Amazon India.

9) PTron HBE9 Earphones (High Bass)

PTron HBE9 earphone is a great option for you in five hundred rupees. This is a stereo wired headphones with mic and single button control. Three colour options are available Black, Silver and Gold.
Click & see offers on Amazon.in

Amazing Features of PTron Earphone:

🤩 This comes with 10mm dynamic drivers for zero lag.
🤩 The in-line remote control comes with Mic and control over the Music & Call function.
🤩 The ergonomic design looks superb.
🤩 You get passive noise cancellation feature with this.
🤩 It has wide compatibility with 3.5 mm audio port devices.
🤩 It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Special Price for PTron Earphone is 379/- Buy Now on Amazon India.

10) Honor AM115 Earphone (HF Sound)

Check this Honor AM115 Half in-Ear earphones with a mic if you like a soothing and mellow sound. Comfier and more adaptable than other in-ear headphones available in the market because of its unique ergonomic design.

Click to find offers on Amazon.in

🤩 High Fidelity Sound
🤩 Three Button Control
🤩 Made up of plastic material.
🤩 Looks simple and elegant.
🤩 Very easy to wear and use.
🤩 Comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Latest Price is Rs. 399/- Shop Now on Amazon India.

11) boAt BassHeads 152 Earphone

Check this boAt BassHeads 152 with high definition Sound, in-line mic control, dual-tone secure braided cable and 3.5 mm angled jack wired earphones come in five colour options - Jazzy Blue, Maroon Mirage, White Pearl, Black and Red.

Price: 449/- Buy on Amazon.in

12) Boult Audio BassBuds Earphone

Check another great earphone option from the brand Boult. This audio BassBuds Loop is an in-ear design wired earphones come with a mic and deep bass high definition sound. Other good features are noise cancellation and customizable ear loop.

There are two colour options available Red and Black. We liked the red one, Go ahead and click below to read more about Boult Audio Bassbuds earphone.

13) Evidson Vibe Earphones

See this Evidson vibe wired earphones with mic, two times bass, off-axis ergonomic fit design. It gives HD sound experience with noise cancellation.

A Made in India product, go and buy on Amazon India. the link is given below.

14) boAt BassHeads 102 Earphones

Another good option from boAt brand. BassHeads 102 wired earphones come with immersive audio technology and multi-function button. It has a perfect length cable.

Check the latest price in the image below and click on Shop now to buy from Amazon India.

15) Xmate Joy Headphones

Check out Xmate Joy in-Ear metal wired headphones with good Bass and in-built mic in black colours. See the offer price below and shop from Amazon India.

16) Tantra Bass Buddy T-500i Earphones

Tantra Bass Buddy T-500i Super Bass is a wired earphone for sports, running and gym enthusiast under 500 rupees. See the price below and click to buy from Amazon India.

These are the list of 16 best earphones under fiver hundred rupees available on Amazon India.

Check Earphones Related Post  - Best Earbud Options in India

Conclusion -

This is it from our side we will be adding more wired headphone options under five hundred rupees to this post so make sure you bookmark this post.

Do let us know in case of any query or concern related to earphones in the comment section below.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000, 3000 & 5000 Rupees in India - May 2020 Guide

Are you looking for the best portable Bluetooth speaker under 2000, 3000 & 5000 Rupees?

Well yes, you are and hence you've landed to this Bluetooth speaker review guide on Imslv.

best bluetooth speakers in India go wireless

In this post, we are helping you with the Best Bluetooth speakers under 2000, 3000 and 5000 Rs respectively for the current month.

Before coming to this speakers list we have looked into more than 25 portable Bluetooth speakers to analysed features, customer experience and ratings on Amazon India and Flipkart.

7 Best Portable Wireless Speakers Under 2000 Rupees In India with Quick Links

Find the list of 7 best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 rs for the traveller who are looking for some great portable speaker options.

  1. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic
  2. Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker
  3. Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 Stereo Speaker
  4. Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  5. boAt Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  6. iBall Musi Cube BT20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Along with FM
  7. Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
We have included these top seven wireless speakers options under 2k based on customer's experience of using these music gadgets. Keep reading...

1) JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Small Yet Powerful)

Get this small but powerful JBL GO portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with mic. There are 6 colour options available: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, and Grey.

Good things about JBL Wireless Speaker

○ It gives an original JBL signature sound.
○ Wireless Bluetooth Streaming, Get high-quality sound from your mobile, tablet and laptop.
○ 5 Hours of Playtime and speakerphone under optimum audio settings.
○ Access Google Assistant or Siri from JBL speaker with a simple button press.
○ Noise-cancelling Speakerphone
○ Play music, Spotify, podcasts or call and send messages using the integrated voice assistant.
○ It comes with 1-year manufacturer's warranty

The latest offer price is 1,499/- You can Buy on Amazon India or Shop on Flipkart. Click to read more.

2) Fire Boltt Outdoor Speaker (A Solid Performer)

Get this sold performer Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 portable Bluetooth outdoor speaker for your entertainment. This is IPX7 waterproof and weatherproof with enhanced bass. 3 colour options available - Black, Green, Blue.

Best Bluetooth Speaker in All aspects:

○ Bass is super powerful and punchy and Treble is so clear and well defined.
○ It comes with dual-mode. You can use wireless or wired. The choice is yours.
○ It is Waterproof, rugged and compact.
○ You can't feel any distortion even when on the full volume.
○ The size is a little bigger than other outdoor Bluetooth speakers.
○ It comes with handle to carry, which is super convenient to carry this portable speaker outdoors.

Offer Price is 1,599/- Buy Now on Amazon India.

3) Portronics Stereo Speaker (Best Value Wireless Product)

Check this Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 stereo portable speaker (the tiny powerhouse) at Imslv. SoundDrum meaning is a blast of music sound from a compact powerhouse of sound. It's a rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio and other multiple connectivity options.

Enjoy your music wireless and worry-less with Portornics, Check now on Amazon India.


○ It has an amazing sound.
○ Looks and feels are good in when it's in hand.
○ It has a water-resistant and dust-tight body.
○ It has a USB port and space for an aux cable.
○ It also has an FM radio. Another good thing which we liked.
○ The compact design allows you to carry this speaker wherever you go.


○ Bass is not that great.
○ The handle is missing.

Special Price: 1,840/- Buy Now on Amazon India or Shop From Flipkart.

4) Philips Portable Bluetooth Speaker ( A Good Tiny Cute Friend)

Get this Philips BT50B portable wireless Bluetooth speaker a little entertainer friend comes in four colours: Black, White, Blue, and Grey.

○ Good for a bedroom or small room.
○ This comes with anti-clipping technology for loud and distortion-free music.
○ It has a Bluetooth range of 10 Meter and in feet, it's 30.
○ Comes with Built-in rechargeable battery.
○ Battery backup is around 5 to 6 hours when the volume level is at Moderate level which is under 50%.

The latest price for Philips BT50B is 1,355/- Buy Now on Amazon or Shop From Flipkart.

There is a newer model of this item is available - Philips UpBeat BT51B/00 Wireless Speaker with the price tag of 1,299/- only. Please check that also on Amazon India.

5) Boat Portable Speaker (Celebrity Endorsed Speaker)

boAt Stone 260 is Portable yet powerful wireless speaker with great bass, Bluetooth V5.0, IPX5 water and splash resistance available online.

It has up to 5H playtime and carabiner comes in 10 different trendy colours. You can check the colours on Amazon India simply click on the above image to view it.


○ 10 Colours and 7 Variants to choose from.
○ It has the most beautiful look as compared to other speakers under 2000.
○ Hook it with the help of Carabiner, Very convenient. You can hook it anywhere you want.
○ Great battery life up to 7 hours when the volume level is under 70%.
○ It is 100% splash-proof.


○ If you need a very loud speaker then this is not for you.

The best offer price is 1,470/- Buy Now on Amazon India 

6) Iball Bluetooth Speaker (Cube Design Bluetooth Speaker)

Check this cute litter iBall Musi cube BT20 portable Bluetooth speaker with FM radio options on Imslv. This is the best portable speaker option under 1000 rupees.

○ It has a cute and compact design.
○ It comes with built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
○ It gives you multiple input options like BT, USB, Micro SD, AUX etc.
○ You connect this to any Bluetooth enabled devices and start playing.
○ It comes with Built-in FM radio.

Offer price for Iball Speaker is 999/- Buy Now on Flipkart & Shop on Amazon India.

7) Artis Portable Speaker (Best Outdoor Music Friend)

Artis BT90 is an outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker comes in black colour. This speaker provides clear sound with a great sound effect which is extremely powerful and loud. A good outdoor speaker for family outings, picnics, house parties, outdoor sports sessions etc.

○ Multiple Input Options - Bluetooth, Card Reader, USB Reader, Aux etc.
○ It has an in-build FM radio system.
○ Compact and handy speaker for outdoor activities.
○ Up to 5 hours of playback time.

The latest price is 1,099/- Buy Now on Amazon India or Shop from Flipkart.

Keep reading to find more about the list of portable speakers under 3000 rupees in India.

6 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 Rs In India with Quick Links

Check out the list of six best portable Bluetooth speakers under 3000 rupees from brands like Boat, Lenovo, Doss. Tribit etc.
  1. Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker with Monstrous Sound
  2. DOSS SoundBox Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Speaker
  3. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers - 12W Portable Speaker
  4. TaoTronics Pulse X 14W Stereo Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  5. Zoook Jazz Blaster 30W Bluetooth Party Speaker
  6. Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker
So that was the quick list for you now let's get into the details of each Bluetooth speaker under 3k. Keep reading...

1) Boat Stone Speaker

2) DOSS Wireless Speaker

3) Tribit Portable Speaker

4) Tao Tronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5) Zoook Party Speaker

6) Lenovo Bluetooth Speaker

Keep reading to explore the list of speakers under 5000 rupees in India.

3 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 Rs at Imslv

  1. JBL Tuner Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Check Offers on Amazon India
  2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Check Price on Amazon India
  3. Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS Portable Splash-proof Wireless Speaker - Visit Buy on Amazon India
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