4 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners Under 2000 Rupees in 2019

What is a good guitar for a beginner under 2000?
Is acoustic guitar good for beginners?
How much does a guitar cost for a beginner?

If you've these questions in your head than you're at the right post.

We have created this post to help a beginner guitar player to chose his or her first budget-friendly guitar so that they can learn and become the guitarist.

Many people know how to play the guitar but the real challenge they face when they go to the market to buy their guitar and hence this guide is going to be very helpful for the people who want to buy their first guitar under 2000 rupees.

Find below some of the best guitars under Rs 2000 in India, according to customer reviews and product popularity.

The Best Guitar For Beginners Under 2000 Rupees in 2019

Check out the top 4 acoustic guitars which a beginner can use:

1) Intern Acoustic Guitar Kit - 38 Inch 

Intern Acoustic Guitar
Why Intern Acoustic Guitar?

One can find a great range of musical instrument and accessories under the brand name Intern. Intern Acoustic Guitar has an innovative design and It is well-made to produce good quality sound. Below are a few more reasons to choose this guitar if you're a beginner.

Stunning looks with an innovative design to produce good quality music.
Made up of Linden wood with the ebony wood fretboard
The great 38-inch cutaway design
Glossy finish with 18 frets
Best for beginners
Easy to hold and operate
Good Sound quality
Bridge material is Plastic which is okay.

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2) Juarez 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Cutaway

Why Juarez 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar?
Looks really good with the new design.
Best guitar for a traveller.
Best for beginners.
If you're looking value for money, Buy this now!
Decent Sound quality
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3) Breve Acoustic Guitar - 38 Inches

Why Breve Acoustic Guitar?

Breve brand offers a full range of musical instruments and accessories. The Acoustic Guitar by Breve is nicely designed and has a good sound. 

Breve's tagline says Never let go of your passion of playing music where ever you are and however you are. Interesting isn't it? Find more reasons below:

38 inches cutaway revolutionary design & configuration to produce marvellous sound
Easy to hold for stress-free playing and ultra-portable
Guitar bundled with accessories like smart strap, bag, strings set & picks
Superior quality linden wood
Recommended for beginners
Value for money
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4) Jixing Acoustic Guitar Brown Colour

Why Jixing Acoustic Guitar?

Here we have 3 reasons why you should buy Jixing guitar.

The stylish and bold design which makes it different from the latest guitars.
Basic guitar functionality wise. And hence best fit for beginners.
Pocket-friendly and value for money
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I hope this guide will help you to choose your first pocket-friendly guitar under 2000 Indian rupees.

Comment below if you want to add to this list. Thanks for reading.