7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 3000 Rupees For Beginners in 2020

Looking for a good guitar🎸 options under 3000 rupees?
Which is the best acoustic guitar🎸 under 3k?
Is three thousand rupee guitar🎸 good for beginners?

If these questions are running in your head, then you're at the right post.

In this post, we are sharing a list of the best acoustic guitars under three thousand rupees available online based on various features like design, guitar quality, durability and price.

guitars under 3000 rs

The guitar is one of the most famous instruments when it comes to youth. Most of the youth want to learn how to play the guitar than any other musical instruments.

The main reason for this is it's a trendy thing and also very affordable to get one as compare to other musical instruments in India.

We have created a list of the best guitar for beginners under Rs 3000 in India, according to customer reviews, latest discounts and product popularity on Amazon India and Flipkart.

List of Best Guitar Under 3000 Rupees For Beginners in 2020 at Imslv

Check out the top seven best acoustic guitars which a beginner and professional guitarist can use only on Imslv:

  1. Henrix 38 Acoustic Guitar🎸
  2. Zabel Elletra Acoustic Guitar🎸
  3. Hovner 150 Red Acoustic Guitar🎸
  4. Juarez Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar🎸
  5. Jixing Linden Wood 🎸Acoustic Guitar
  6. Black Bull Cutaway 🎸Acoustic Guitar
  7. Heart Beat Acoustic Guitar - New Edition🎸

Now find the reasons and the usp to choose your first guitar under three thousand INR. Keep reading...

1) Henrix 38 Acoustic Guitar with Die-Cast Tuners & Dual-Action Truss Rod

henrix guitar under 3000

Henrix 38 Acoustic Guitar is certainly a good value for money guitar for beginners as it has all the accessories which a beginner needs to start learning this musical instrument. Henrix acoustic guitar includes picks, guitar bag, strings, strap, polishing cloth and a string winder.

USP for Henrix Guitar🎸:

1. Tonal Quality is punchy and soft bassy.
2. Guitar looks premium
3. The fretboard is of Rosewood which is quite rare in this price range.
4.  Get the full control on the action with the help of truss rod.
5. Tuning keys are super soft and premium as they are covered from the gear side.
6. Sound is loud enough to entertain your gang.
7. Size is compatible which is good for beginners.

Overall a great guitar for beginners. If you have a budget under Rs. 3000 then this is the best choice.

Latest Price is 2,999/- Check Offers On Amazon India

2) Zabel Elletra Acoustic Guitar With Truss Rod

Zabel acoustic guitar under 3000 rs

Zabel Elletra steel-string acoustic guitar comes in a beautiful natural brown colour. The guitar body is made up of Linden wood and the Fret Board is made of maple wood which increases the usability of a guitar for a longer period. The cutaway design & the accurately placed truss rod of Zabel Elletra guitar help you get brilliant sound quality without losing any playability.

Along with the Zabel guitar, you also get a guitar bag, a strap, a pack of strings, picks, a capo, a tuner and a guitar stand.

USP of Zabel Elletra Acoustic Guitar🎸:

1. Delightful natural colour.
2. Comes with truss rod for better adjustment of Guitar Action
3. Great body durability and sound quality in 3000 rupees.
4. Cutaway design for better reach to the higher notes on the fretboard.
5. Ideal for beginners and value for money.

Overall Its a great value for money at such a low cost. You get great sound quality and long-lasting guitar body. Go for it.

Current Price is 3150/- Find Offers on Amazon India

3) Hovner 150 Red Acoustic Guitar

Hovner guitar under 3k

A guitar handcrafted in India. Hovner 150 Red acoustic guitar has a classic glossy finish and a nice rosewood fretboard which does not bend over time. You get the protective guitar bag, strap, set of extra strings and 2 picks in the package.

Why Hovner 150 Red Acoustic Guitar🎸?

1. Dark red colour to fall in love with this guitar.
2. Comes with an adjustable bridge and reinforced truss rod
3. Inbuilt pick up to plug and play with amplifier.
4. Good for beginners.

Overall Its a good guitar deal for beginners. 

Current Price is 3290/- Check Offers on Amazon India

4) Juarez JRZ38C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

Juarez guitar under 2500 rs

A decent guitar for beginners from the brand Jaurez. Guitar package comes with all accessories like guitar bag, extra strings, picks and guitar strap.

Pros of Jaurez Guitar

1. Pocket-friendly price.
2. Good build quality.
3. Joyful blue colour, White variant is also nice.

Latest Price on Flipkart is 2,299/- Buy from Flipkart!

5) Jixing JXNG-NAT-C1 Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

jixing guitar 3000 rs
A good wood acoustic guitar from the brand Jixing. In the Flipkart guitar package box, you get Guitar along with the bag, 1 Strap, and 3 Picks.

Pros of Jixing Guitar

1. Comes with good body and fretboard material(Linden Wood, Rosewood)
2. Sober Beige colour makes it more attractive.
3. Comes with 18 frets.

Overall it's a decent budget guitar under 3000 rupees available on Flipkart.

Latest Price is Rs. 2499/- Find great deals on Flipkart! 

6) Black Bull 38 inches Cutaway Natural Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

black bull guitar 3000

Another budget acoustic guitar from the brand Black Bull on Flipkart. In the guitar package, you get 5 picks, 1 guitar belt and 1 bag.

Why Black Bull Guitar?

1. Happy natural colour.
2. String material for black bull is Nylon which makes it easy to play.
3. Good back and neck body material.

Latest Price is ₹2,999/- Available on Flipkart, Find deals!

7) Heart Beat 38 Inch Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Heart Beat is a new edition acoustic guitar from Amazon India. This acoustic guitar comes with 38 Inch cutaway design with equalizer and 2 guitar picks only. You don't get guitar bag, strap and extra strings. Please make a note.

Here's what we liked about Heart Beat Guitar?

1. Great looks with the latest innovative design which produce good quality sound.
2. This guitar comes with equalizer and pickup.
3. Quality Linden wood and for fretboard Ebony wood.

Current Price is 2499/- rupees. Find deals on Amazon India.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Guitars Under 3000 Rupees

Which is the best guitar under 3000 rs?

We have shared a list of top 3 guitars which is best for the beginners and are under 3000 rupees only. 

What guitar should I buy for a beginner under rs. 3000?

We suggest you go with Zabel Elletra Acoustic Guitar, Its a great value for beginners.

Which are the bestsellers in acoustic guitars for beginners in India?

Here's the list of bestselling acoustic guitars on Amazon India and Flipkart. I hope this is helpful.

Are cheap guitars worth buying in India?

Will suggest not to judge an instrument on price alone. The shared list of the guitar may be the perfect choice for you, especially if you are a total beginner with a guitar.

Conclusion on 🎸 3000 Rupees Guitars:

All these seven guitar options shared above are the best for the beginners. They provide great comfort, comes with attractive looks and it produces a happy sound that makes the music even more enjoyable while learning guitar.

We hope our post helped you find your first guitar under 3000 rupees. Tell us in the comment section which one you're buying for yourself? 


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  1. It is an best guide for beginners to buy Guitar under 3000 rupees. Best shopping experience at Amazon. Thank you!

  2. Have you used Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar which comes with Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap? I am planning to buy that from Amazon.

  3. The fretboard of hendrix 38 c is synthetic wood not rosewood.

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