Top 15 Best Snow Treks In India: For The Best Trekking Experience in 2022

Winter is an amazing season. Cold weather makes us realize how much we love a cup of coffee in the cold with some hot noodles and sitting inside a blanket.

Well, winter is also an amazing time for a snow trek. Yes, that's right.

Snow Trek in winter is an amazing adventure activity and it is perfect for all nature lovers, snow lovers, adventure lovers. Imagine sitting in your tent with a hot cup of coffee and Maggi and looking outside and you see nothing but snow everywhere.

15 Best Snow Treks in India 2022

That moment you will cherish forever in your memories. So, to all the nature lovers and adventure lovers here are some of the top snow treks in India for the best trekking experience:

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is situated in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand at a height of 9915 ft. It is located near Mussoorie. It is a very easy trek and even children could do it.

In winters, this place is covered with Snow entirely and there is a Nag Tibba Temple at the end. The view from Nag Tibba Temple is just magnanimous.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is one of the best snow treks one can possibly do in India. It is located at a height of 12,500 ft.

In Winters this place is heaven as it is covered with snow till your eyes can see. Being a beginner’s trek and the view it offers is pretty amazing.

Although much fitness is not required, you will have to carry your backpack and climb to the summit so you have to be active in your regular life.

And the best part of the Kedarkantha trek is that the Holy Yamunotri, Gangotri are seen while climbing to the summit.

Chopta, Tungnath, and Chandrashila trek

Chopta, Tungnath and Chandrashila are located in Uttarakhand at a height of 13,123 ft and they are one of the best snow treks to be done in the Winter season.

While doing this trek you will see many Peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul and Many other Treks.

This Trek is Easy but it can get a little bit difficult at some point during the duration but as a Beginner, you will definitely pass this Obstacle.

On this trek you will see many Amazing and Beautiful attractions like the Deoria Taal, Chopta Valley which will be snow-covered and Tungnath is a temple that belongs to Lord Shiva and it is one of the Highest Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and at the end, you will reach Chandrashila summit which will be the endpoint of this trek.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek is Located In Uttarakhand at a height of 12,303 ft. Dayara Bugyal Trek is one of the best treks when it comes to views.

It Offers Breathtaking views and is one of the best views of the Himalayas.

The Best time to do the Dayara Bugyal trek is from the month of December to the month of March, Although during this time the difficulty level increases and thus it is advisable that only experienced people do this trek when the area is covered with snow.

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass is Located In Uttarakhand and at a height of 13,990 ft and it is the perfect trek to do for Beginners. The views it offers of the Grand Himalayas are just Amazing.

There are Dense forests of Oak and the View of Snow clad mountains is something which you will never forget in life.

Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Is Located in Lohajung in Uttarakhand and The Maximum Altitude at which you will be Trekking is 12,600 ft. Brahmatal Lake is the exact lake where Lord Brahma used to Meditate there.

Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghati are the two mountains seen from Brahmatal Lake. Brahmatal Lake is an extremely Famous Place for Stargazing.

So If you are interested in a Snow trek then Brahmatal Trek is the trek. The best time to Do Brahmatal Trek is During the months of December, January and February.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki dun is situated in the Sankri area, in  Uttarakhand and at an altitude of 11,482 ft and also it is called a paradise place for Bird watchers and all the Nature Lovers, Because the Har Ki dun Valley is surrounded by very Dense forests and Pine trees and also you will see the peaks from there so all the photogenic people will enjoy this place very much.

Goechala Trek

GoechaLa Trek is situated  In Yuksom in Sikkim and at a height of 16,207 ft and as we all know That Northeast is a Beautiful place and specially Sikkim is an amazing place.

And what makes Goecha La so special is that you will start your trek in Lush Green Forests and as you go higher you will be Covered by Snow clad mountains and snow everywhere and also there is a Wide range of flora and fauna present there in Goecha La Trek so all the nature lovers, snow lovers, Northeast lovers this is the paradise which you will have to experience.

Mt Kanchenjunga which is the 3rd Highest Peak in the world is visible while climbing Goechala Summit.

Snow Leopard Trek

We all Know how rare are snow leopards and they are mainly found in the region of Ladakh and Spiti so Snow leopard trek is basically a trek where you will go village to village when the proximity of the snow leopard spotting is high and you will also explore the areas of Ladakh and Spiti and you will get to see the beautiful snow leopard and which is also a once in a lifetime experience so do not take a chance to miss out on this experience.

Sandakphu Trek

Sandakhpu is Located at the border of West Bengal and Nepal and at a height of 11,950 ft. The Specialty of this trek is that on the left side of Sandakhpu the entire range of Everest is seen, Including Mt. Everest which is the Highest Mountain In the World and on the right side the world’s 3rd Highest peak Mt.Kanchenjunga is seen.

Although this trek is considered a Difficult trek so only experienced people should do this trek.

Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is Situated in Leh Ladakh at a height of 11950ft, Now the Name Chadar itself suggests that an entire layer of thick sheet spread.

In this trek, it is exactly the same. An entire lake is covered with ice and you have to walk on it and there is a river flowing beneath the Layer of Ice.

Chadar trek is also a very difficult trek in India, It was believed that in Earlier times when this area was used for the local villagers to gather ration for the upcoming months they used to clear all the dues before crossing the Chadar trek.

However, this was only a myth and such incidents never happened. However, a lot of experience is required for doing the Chadar trek and it is Compulsory that an experienced person should only take this trek.

Great Lakes Trek

Located in  Jammu And Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is undoubtedly the best and the prettiest trek in Jammu and Kashmir.

There are 7 glacial Lakes present in this trek which you will be covering and the view is just amazing from there.

There Are Lakes that are named after the gods and each one of them has interesting stories behind them.

While you are trekking you will see Srinagar from above and the view will be breathtaking. So you should definitely do this trek once in your life.

Bhrigu Lake, Manali

Bhrigu Lake trek is one of the most famous treks of Himachal Pradesh, Bhrigu Lake is situated at an altitude of 14,000 ft and it is a perfect place for a view of both lush Green Forests and snow-covered Summits.

Bhrigu Lake trek is a Must for a trekker and it is also considered ideal for a beginner. Bhrigu Lake gives you Mesmerizing view of the clean and crystal water of the lake which changes the color of the water every hour.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Mt. Everest is known as the Steps to Heaven. Reaching the Base camp of the Highest Mountain In the world is no less than an Achievement.

There are no words to describe the Beauty of the Mt. Everest  Base Camp trek. Doing this trek will make you realize what Mother Nature is made up of. Although this trek is extremely difficult and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Dodital Trek

Dodital lake is a lake that was considered as an abode of Lord Ganesha. This trek is so beautiful and it is filled with Magnanimous views and Breathtaking views.

This trek is easy. But due to snow, you can face some obstacles at some points.

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