12 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under Rs. 10,000 in India (Updated 2022)

Are you looking for the best true wireless earbuds under 10000 rupees in India?

We have curated a list of top TWS earphones under a ten thousand budget from well-known brands in India in this post.

best true wireless earphones under 10,000 rupees in India

Most of us are in the mood of humming the tune of music, and there comes the need for a good pair of earbuds as our companion. So for every music lover, a pair of earphones or earbuds are a must.

Nowadays, people prefer earphones that last for a longer time and are within their budget. So people generally think or search for the best earbuds under 10,000 either offline (in nearby electronic shops) or online (we shop from Amazon India, Flipkart, or any other shopping platforms).

Make sure you consider the below 8 important things while you shop earbuds online in India. The 10k earbuds buying guide as follows.

8 Important Things To Consider While Buying Wireless Earphones Under 10,000

People often seem confused about how to decide their pair of earbuds. The important features to look for before you buy the best wireless earbuds under 10k are:

● Battery - First factor to consider is battery life, long battery life means you can use it for a longer time without the need of charging every now and then.

● Bass - The most important factor while choosing earbuds is sound quality because for music lovers sound matters the most and don’t want anything to interfere with the music or sound quality.

● Noise Cancellation -  Music through earphones can truly be enjoyed when the earphone has a greater degree of notice cancellation. This property lets the user enjoy the real beats of music and not any other disturbing or distracting background noises.

● Connectivity - Another factor to consider is connectivity. These earphones are connected through Bluetooth, so the permissible range of Bluetooth should be well appreciable.

● Ergonomics - People often neglect this while buying truly wireless buds under 10000. Ergonomics means how nicely the earphone or earbuds will fit in the ears. It should neither fall off from the ear (not small for the ear) nor be painful to wear  (big compared to ear) to enjoy music to the fullest.

● Other properties - Now the music lovers not only rest at home and enjoy music, they often tend to use earphones while jogging or in the gym. So the earphones which they are going to buy should be sweat-proof and splash-proof.

● Smart Device Support - A trendy feature that people look for nowadays is smart device support. If the earphones support smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, fitness gadgets, Apple Siri, etc.

● Price cap - Many earphones range more than ₹10,000 but may not offer good service. Many such earphones cost less than 10,000 but offer more alluring features.

So keeping an eye on your budget goes for the best true wireless earbuds under 10000.

Our team has tested a collection of truly wireless earphones, and here are the ones we like the most under the 10,000 rupees budget from brands like Sony, 1More, CrossBeats, JBL, many more.

These recommended 12 best TWS earphones under 10,000 rupees are compatible with android phones and iPhones.

So if you are looking for the best earbuds under 10000 for the iPhone then you can consider these options.

12 Best TWS Earbuds Under 10000 in India in 2022

Check out the list of the top 12 best truly wireless earphones under 10000 rupees in 2022 from top brands only at Imslv.com, earphones are listed below as follows.

  1. Sony WF-XB700 True Wireless Earbuds
  2. Soundcore Anker True Wireless Earphones
  3. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Truly Wireless
  4. 1More Truly Wireless Earphones
  5. Jabra Elite Active TWS Earpods
  6. JBL Tune 220 TWS Earbuds
  7. Noise Shots XO Truly Wireless
  8. Creative Outlier Earbuds
  9. CrossBeats EVOLVE 2020 Airpods
  10. Skullcandy Indy Evo Airpods
  11. Motorola Verse Buds 500 True Wireless Earpods
  12. Oppo Enco X Truly Wireless

Keep reading to get all the details that will help you find your perfect earbuds under 10000 rupees at Imslv. Let's jump into the details.

1. Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless extra bass Bluetooth Earbuds

Enjoy a total of 18 hours of battery life with this earphone. These can be quickly charged within 10 minutes enough to have 60 minutes of playback time while in a hurry.

It has a built-in mic for easy hands-free calling. Moreover, it can be easily controlled by the buttons on the headphones to play, pause, stop or change through music tracks and control volume.

This model as per its name offers extra bass for seriously powerful, punchy low-end sounds. It has a protecting magnetic charging case to power up on the go and also these are water and sweatproof to enjoy the music without any worry.

Its stable Bluetooth connection delivers sound to both ears simultaneously, with an optimized antenna design. It is also capable of connecting to smart devices like Google Assistant or Siri by simply pressing a button to get directions, play music or any other help.

You can get these earphones for nearly 9000 rupees. Here's the link for Sony Earbuds Check Offer Price on Amazon India

2. Soundcore Anker True Wireless Earbuds

In this model, you get nearly 12 hours of battery life, divided as 3.5 hours of playback time and 9 hours of usage in a charging case.

This is one of the small models which fit nicely in your ears and effortlessly allow you to enjoy music.

The enjoyment is increased with better sound clarity and deep bass offered by them. These connect quickly to the last paired device when started up.

Enjoy songs either being in rain or in sun. You can get these around 9500 rs in India. The link for this earphone - Click and View Soundcore TWS on Amazon India

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds Truly Wireless

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are the best pair of wireless earbuds that you can get in India for Rs. 6,000 with a built-in woofer.
samsung galaxy earbuds under 10000 rupees

Samsung is an old partner to AKG's excellence in audio equipment design; together they have given us this amazing product that will not disappoint anyone who has purchased it yet.

The adaptive 3 microphone system will allow you a noise-free calling experience so that your loved ones can hear every word without any interference from outside noises.

Bluetooth 5.0 provides strong and reliable connectivity to ensure no delays in sound when playing games or watching videos, something most people would love.

This pair offers amazing features for those who want their phone call conversations free from outside distractions but still enjoy gaming and video streaming on their devices at full quality audio with low latency rates across all distances.

Own these amazing Samsung earbuds under 6000 rupees on Amazon, Check Offer Price Now!

4. 1More True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds will give you a battery life of 6.5 hours of playback time (in 50% volume) on a single charging and 24 hours of total use with a case.

3 hours of additional use is available from a 15-minute fast charging. Along with high battery life, the novice cancellation and high sound clarity are to be named for.

Enjoy truly better sound audio at sharper beats with the help of a Bluetooth 5 chip coupled with Qualcomm aptX audio technology and AAC hi-res transmission for Android and iOS. You can consider 1More earbuds for iPhone for under 7,000 rupees.

It is enabled with one button voice control and one click to connect with Google Assistant and Siri. These are inclined at 45° for a better fit in-ears.

You will get this for nearly Rs.7000. Check the link of this product with a click - Check Offer Price on Amazon India

5. Jabra Elite Active True Wireless Sports Earbuds

This model offers you a 15-hour playtime with 5 hours in a single charge and a total of 15 hours along with the case. It is available in 3 different sizes of earbuds that securely fits in.

It comes with an integrated motion sensor and so the music is an auto-pause when one earbud is removed from the ear and auto power off to save battery.

Along with that, it can connect in one touch to smart devices like Google Assistant or Siri. To let you personalize your audio experience, these come with the Jabra app.

A guarantee of 2 years on dust and water is also applicable only if the earphones are registered with the Jabra app. Rs.10000 is what you need to get these in your ears. Check Jabra Elite True Wireless Earbuds on Amazon India for the best deals.

6. JBL Tune 220TWS True Wireless in-ear Headphones

These stylish and sleek earbuds come with a metallic finish and provide you 19 hours of combined playback which is 3 hours on earbuds and 16 hours on a charging case.

It comes with an in-built mic for distortion-free stereo calling. It has controls on the go with buttons on the left and right earbuds and with Bluetooth 5.0, it also enables voice control integration with smart devices for seamless connection and auto-sync between earbuds.

It is built keeping the all-day wear factor in mind and soft-touch colour on it helps you to be in fashion. For this wonderful product, nearly around INR 8000 is enough. Click the link to see the latest price of JBL TWS on Amazon India

7. Noise Shots XO Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 connection which offers a stable connection up to 10 meters.

It offers you a 6 hour playback time for every charge and the case adds a 5-hour extra charge which adds up to a total of 36 hours of playtime.

Along with it, you can also, go beyond your limits and work out with sweatproof earbuds in your ears.

Shots XO powered by Qualcomm aptX provides you with HD sound quality and CVC 8.0 with noise wind cancellation gives you the clearest sound even in the noisiest area.

XO comes with Siri and Google Assistant support on iOS and Android devices. Five thousand rupees is sufficient to bring this earphone to you. Check the latest offer price of Noise Shots XO on Amazon India

8. Creative Outlier Air TWS Earphones

These earbuds provide you with 10 hours of playback time at a one-time charge. It is IPX5 certified water-resistant.

It is also capable of connecting with smart devices like Google Assistant and Siri. The aptX provides high-quality sound audio to enjoy.

The price of these trendy earbuds is below Rs.7000. You can check the latest price for Creative Outlier TWS on Amazon now!

9. CrossBeats EVOLVE 2020 Dual Dynamic Drivers True Wireless Earbuds

Be ready to enjoy beyond limits with canal fit shape to fit best in-ear, with a powerful battery life up to 12 hours with an additional charge.

Enjoy dashing Bass effect music on your trip with your dustproof earphones. The aptX gives HD sound quality to enjoy and bring all music tones lifelike.

Also, it brings you a step closer to digital life with just one click away to connect with Google Assistant and Siri.

Just give about Rs. 6000 and bring this wonderful item into your life to make your life more soothing. You can check the latest price for Crossbeats TWS earbuds on Amazon India.

10. Skullcandy Indy Evo Truly Wireless Earphones Under 10,000

You get a battery life of 30 hours with an additional 2 hours on a fast charge for 10 minutes.

The total battery life is divided into 6 hours on a single charge and 24 hours in the case which is more than enough for a music enthusiast to seamlessly enjoy music on IP55 certified dustproof, sweatproof and waterproof earbuds.

One-click away for the call, track and volume control or activate assistant through the earbuds. Not more than Rs. 7000 is what would bring those lovely products in your ears.

11. Motorola Verse Buds 500 True Wireless in-ear Earphones

This intelligently designed earphone will fit in your ears and provide you playback time of 9 hours as 3 hours on a single charge and 6 hours in the case.

Verve 500 brings the appropriate amount of bass and treble to enjoy every note. Dual mic noise cancellation brings you sound clarity no matter what your surroundings are.

For the ease of the listener, these start instant pairing as soon as taken out of the case. With Bluetooth v5.0, one can easily connect with smart digital devices with a click.

Approximately around Rs. 8000 can bring these to you. Why don't you check the latest price of Motorola Verse on Amazon with a simple click!

12. Oppo Enco True Wireless in-ear Earphones

OPPO Enco X is a premium truly wireless earbuds under the 10,000 rupees price segment.

OPPO Enco X With Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds Under 10000

These earbuds from OPPO come with a coaxial dual-driver design that is usually found in premium audio devices.

It comes with Binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmission technology which gives you blazing fast media and gaming experience.

With the latest dual-core chip and a dual-microphone design, you can have optimized noise cancellation performance so that you can enjoy music, games, web series, and more without any interruption.

It has an innovative and ergonomic design that guarantees comfort and stability while they are plugged into your ears.

You can own these earbuds if your earbud budget is around ten thousand rupees for new. We have partially new earbuds at Amazon. Check more details about Oppo Enco X on Amazon India now!

Conclusion for Best Earbuds Below 10,000

There are many earphones which are available in the market, but most of the people prefer the quality of sound over the quantity of money used.

We made a list of the best AirPods under 10000 for you, go through it to grab the best pair for you. Happy buying!

Comment below in case of any query related to top TWS earbuds under ten thousand rupees.

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  1. Which true wireless earbuds are worth buying considering 10000 rupees budget?

    1. You can go with Sony brand. Check Sony WF-XB700 True Wireless earbuds. This is good choice for people who are looking for earbuds below 10,000 rupees.

  2. Which is the best gaming earbuds under 10,000 in India?

    Please recommend durable

    1. For gaming, you can go with Sony WF-XB700 True Wireless Earphones.


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. Oppo Enco X is a truly premium wireless earbuds option under ten thousand rupees. One of our team members bought it last week. So we reviewed. It's on our list now. Thanks to you!

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