14 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 5000 Rupees in India in 2022

Are you looking for the amazingly best guitar options under 5000 rupees?

Well finding a guitar under 5000 rs is very easy with this Imslv's guide. Keep reading...

Good music deserves good-quality instruments, and this is something you can do with this list of acoustic guitars from Imslv.

guitars under 5000

We have looked into more than 25 acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars and then we have come up with a list of guitars under 5000 rupees for you.

These guitars have great sound quality, high durability and ease of use for both guitar beginners as well as guitar professionals.

Before you jump into the ultimate list of guitars under 5000 rupees, quickly we would like to show you our top three picks from Amazon India below under 5k:

Keep reading to check out the list of top 14 guitars under five thousand rupees only on Imslv.

List of 14 Best Guitars Under 5000 Rs. in India in 2022

Check out the top ten best selling acoustic guitars which a beginner and a professional can use only on Imslv:

  1. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar🎸
  2. Hovner 215 Black F-Cut Rosewood Guitar
  3. Giuson Venus Black Acoustic Guitar
  4. Kordz Luana Natural Wooden Guitar
  5. Blueberry B-40EQ-GL Acoustic Electric Guitar
  6. Zabel🎸 Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar
  7. Givson Ketostics🎸 Venus Acoustic Guitar
  8. Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar Super Kit🎸 
  9. Kadence🎸 KAD-BLK-EQ-C Acoustic Guitar
  10. Signature Topaz Blue Acoustic Guitar🎸
  11. Acoustic Whitewood 🎸Acoustic Guitar
  12. Xtag X-40C Whitewood 🎸Acoustic Guitar
  13. Zabel🎸 ZBL-NAT-C Acoustic Guitar
  14. Blueberry🎸 B-40Y-Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

Check out the features of the guitar and choose your first guitar under 5000 rupees with this guide. We have talked about the things we liked about the respective guitars under the 5k price segment.

We have included guitars from Flipkart and Amazon India based on the customer's guitar experience. Keep reading...

1) Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar (Best For Beginners)

kadence guitar under 5000
Kadence Offer Price - 4,999/- View on Amazon India

Kadence Frontier Series is the best acoustic guitar for beginners with an attractive finish and good quality sound under 5000 rupees price tag. Kadence guitar comes with a truss rod, guitar bag, 1 pack of strings, strap and picks.

Why buy Kadence Frontier Series?

=> It is a 6 round wood strings guitar.
=> The strings are of good quality stainless steel.
=> Guitar grip is nice with glossy touch.
=> Awesome guitar at an affordable price.
=> You get Allen Key along with an extra pack of strings, Strap, and Bag.

Overall an amazing guitar option with good quality sound at the lowest price of 4,999/- Click to Buy Now on Amazon India

You can also check the Black Variant in the same model - Kadence Frontier Series Black Acoustic Guitar Under 5000 on Amazon India

2) Hovner 215 Black F-Cut Rosewood Fretboard Acoustic Guitar

Hovner guitars are made using the finest materials available. A guitar made in India is perfect for any musician who wants to perform.

It comes with built-in pickups, which enable it to be connected to amplifiers. It has a classic black colour and a great play-ability.

Features of Hovner Guitar

-> Excellent build quality
-> Great sound with good playability
-> 41 inch F- Cut Guitar design
-> Rose Wood Fretboard with Steel strings
-> Adjustable bridge & reinforced Truss Rod
-> Inbuilt pick up to plug & play with an amplifier

Extra items you get with the purchase of this guitar: Bag, Strap, 1 Set of Extra Strings and 2 Picks. Overall a beautiful guitar in this affordable price range.

3) Giuson Venus Black 41 Inch Rosewood Fretboard Acoustic Guitar

Giuson acoustic guitars are simply outstanding in quality and sound. They are completely handmade to perfection for unmatched standards and superb acoustic sound quality.

The guitar is entirely crafted in India by local skilled craftspeople. It comes with a Rosewood fretboard, trussed and inbuilt pickups for amplifier connectivity.
Features of Giuson Guitar

=> Great build quality & sound quality
=> Low action, Easy to play
=> 41-inch guitar with 21 frets
=> Best for beginners
=> You can connect this guitar with an external speaker
=> Wood frame with truss rod

Giuson Venus black is a good choice for beginners. Check Now on Amazon India

4) Kordz Luana Natural Wooden Rosewood Acoustic Guitar

Kordz guitars are made in India by skilled technicians who follow world-class quality standards.

These guitars are designed to be played by people who want to play music. Their attractive colours and excellent finish make them stand out from the crowd and give them an advantage over other guitars.

Features of Kords Luana Guitar

-> Beautiful looks and colours
-> Produces rich sound
-> High-quality guitar strings
-> Elegant wooden body design
-> Value for money & Made in India

This is a great guitar for the price, but it is not for you if you have thick fingers or you are a beginner.

5) Blueberry B-40EQ-GL Acoustic-Electric Guitar

A 40" Cutaway guitar designed by Blueberry, the B-40EQ combines innovative design with great quality and impeccable styling.

The guitar is made by a leading guitar brand, the materials used are Spruce wood on the top, Basswood on the sides, Rose Wood on the fingerboard and Rose Wood on the bridge.

This guitar has a Mahogany wood neck, is made of chrome die-cast machine heads, has ABS binding, and is finished with a high gloss finish. A truss rod is used for better adjustment of the guitar action. The strings are Bronze, and it's available in six colours. 

It Comes with 2 picks and one extra string set for extra practice. A free bag for additional safety is included.

Features of Blueberry Guitar

=> Great quality with the finest output
=> Perfect for beginners
=> Cutway, innovative design which looks great
=> Mahogany wood neck, Rosewood bridge

This is one of the best guitars for under 5000 rupees from the Blueberry brand. Check Now on Amazon India

6) Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar (Value For Money)

zabel guitar under 5000
Zabel Deal Price - 4,999/- View on Amazon India

Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar is one of the most elegant collections from Zabel's guitar family. This guitar comes with a glossy matt finish body.

The guitar body is made of Spruce wood and the Fret Board is made of maple wood, giving it a higher lifespan. Because of the cutaway design and the truss rod you can get a high sound quality.

Zabel Matt Finish Guitar Features:

=> It comes with easy tuning pegs made up of high-quality metal with smooth plastic keys.
=> Bridge material is plastic and the neck material of the guitar is of the spruce wood body.
=> Eighteen truss rod frets for better adjustment of Zable guitar action.
=> The box comes with a Guitar bag, strings, strap and picks.

Overall a decent guitar option under 5k budget. Check Now on Amazon India

7) Givson Ketostics Venus Vs-blk Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

Givson Acoustic Guitar Price 4,399/- Check on Amazon India

Givson is one of the best and largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars in India which makes amazing quality guitars. Amazon India package contains 1 guitar, guitar bag, string set, belt and 5 guitar picks.

Why buy Givson Acoustic Guitar?

=> It produces great sound.
=> Good quality product for beginners
=> Value for money for guitar lovers.

Overall a great guitar product with awesome sound and design.

Check out the latest offers and price on Amazon India!

8) Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK Acoustic Guitar🎸

martin smith guitar under 5000 rupees
Martin Smith Guitar Price: INR 3,999/- Check on Amazon

Martin smith acoustic guitars are the favoured choice for thousands of guitarists in India. These guitars are especially for beginner students who want to start their guitar journey. 

This full-size steel strung guitar comes complete with a clip-on tuner, guitar stand, padded gig bag, strap, spare strings, and plectrums. 

Why Buy Martin Smith Guitar:

=> Steel strung full-scale neck
=> Slimline contoured body for easy playability and a rich sound tone
=> The package combines a sturdy guitar stand.
=> Also includes a tuner, gig bag, strap, picks and strings
=> Free online guitar lessons

You also get access to free online tutoring giving you a complete package with this guitar all under 4000 rupees. 

A great acoustic guitar from Martin Smith brand under 5000 rupees. Buy Now on Amazon India

9) Kadence KAD-BLK-EQ-C Spruce Acoustic Guitar🎸

kadence guitar under 5000
Kadence Guitar Price 4,999/- Check on Flipkart

Kadence KAD-BLK-EQ-C has excellent craftsmanship along with good sound quality. The box includes a guitar strap, 3 guitar picks, and a pack of strings along with Kadence acoustic guitar.

Good things about Kadence Guitar:

=> A great option for both guitar amateurs & professionals
=> Super durable built quality with glossy black colour.
=> Great sound quality and it resonates perfectly.
=> Pick up & Inbuilt Equilizer is of the best quality.

There is no inbuilt tuner, You have to tune it manually which is okay. Overall this guitar is the right choice for beginners and also for professionals.

Click to find out the latest price and offers on Flipkart!

10) Signature Topaz Blue Rosewood Acoustic Guitar

signature guitar under 5k
Signature Guitar Price 4,499/- Check on Flipkart

The main USP of Signature guitar is its topaz blue colour shade. The functionality and style of the guitar are great. The brand says this guitar is sure to be your favourite companion wherever you go.

Why Signature Topaz Acoustic Guitar?

=> Very good product from Signature.
=> 179 Ratings and 44 Reviews with 4.1 Start rating.
=> Blue colour looks great.
=> Sound quality is good.

In our opinion, it's good for beginners as there are a lot of beginners who bought this.

Give it try, Click and find the latest offers on Flipkart!

11) Acoustic Whitewood Acoustic Guitar On Flipkart

acoustic guitar under 5000
Whitewood Guitar Price 4,699/- Check on Flipkart

Check out this acoustic guitar 39 inches standard size in whitewood material in black colour. Fretboard material is Rosewood and string material is brass.

Click to find the latest offers on Flipkart India.

12) Xtag Model X-40C 40 Inches Whitewood Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitars under 5000 rs
Xtag Acoustic Guitar Price 4,999/- Check on Flipkart

13) Zabel ZBL-NAT-C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

zabel under 5000 rs
Zable Guitar Price 4,050/- Find out on Flipkart!

This is 38 inch Linden Wood and Maple Wood guitar from Zabel brand. It comes with 18 frets and 6 strings. You also get truss rod for better adjustment of guitar actions. The box comes with a guitar bag, 6 strings, strap and picks.

Good things about Zable Acoustic Guitar:

=> Zabel guitar has great sound quality.
=> Suitable for beginners.
=> Value for money.

Slightly heavy but you can manage that. Overall a great option for people who are looking guitars for beginners under 5000 rs.

Click to check the latest price and discounts on Flipkart!

14) Blueberry Model Number B-40Y-Sunburst, 40 Inches Acoustic Guitar

blueberry guitar under 5000
Blueberry Acoustic Guitar Price 4,999/- Find on Flipkart

If you're on a tight budget then you can check our other guide where we are suggesting best guitars under 3000 rupees and best guitars under 2000 rs.

Guitars Under 5,000 Rs. - The Conclusion

Before purchasing the guitar please do extensive research online or by consulting your network who play the guitar or you can also watch review videos on Youtube.

I hope this guide from Imslv.com will help you to choose your pocket-friendly guitar for under 5000 Indian rupees.

Comment below if you want to add your suggestion to this 5000 Rs. guitar list. Thanks for reading.


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