Best Trekking Shoes in India with Hiking Shoe Guide in 2021

best trekking shoes in India in your budget

India is an emerging sport for trekkers and with that, the need for trekking equipment is very essential.

One should not compromise when it comes to safety and should have all the necessary gear with them and all the safety equipment with them.

The most important part of trekking gear is trekking shoes and you will discover some of the best hiking shoe options in India in this post.

A trekking shoe is something you do not want to miss out on because that is the most essential part of safety equipment.

And a good quality trekking shoe is extremely important not because of safety matters but also for the condition of your feet.

A good trekking shoe will not only give you protection from all the obstructions but will also maintain your feet in healthy condition and not damage the posture of your feet.

5 Important  Points to take care of while selecting trekking shoes in India

  1. Check for a good grip. A shoe with a good grip will have deep grooves in the shoe.
  2. Look for softness and flexibility in the shoe sole as you will be dealing with a lot of rough terrains. Your shoes must have a comfortable sole.
  3. Make sure to pick a shoe that has ankle support. This is important because as you are climbing mountains and rough terrain your ankle is prone to get twisted so the shoe should have ankle support just to be protected from ankle twisting.
  4. Always make sure that you pick your shoe one size large. Just because the extra space will save you from shoe bite and provide a little bit of flexibility and also give you some extra space so you will not feel uncomfortable.
  5. Make sure the shoes that you select are water-resistant. You will be trekking so the shoes must be water-resistant because you will be crossing many water crossings or rivers.

So if the shoes are not water-resistant then it can be an issue as it can get wet and the sole can get slippery so there are chances that you might sprain your ankle or twist it and get hurt.

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Different Types of Trekking Shoes

trekking shoes types in India

1) Hiking Shoes:
Hiking shoes are more of a sports shoe but they have more grip and they are light and flexible.

Hiking shoes are ideal for your short treks where you are not supposed to carry much of a load or go far away.

These are usually preferred for Weekend treks, day treks, treks in the summer season or warm weather treks which are to be done on dry terrain. 

2) Trekking Shoes: Trekking shoes are shoes that are a level above hiking shoes. They have high ankle support and are built tough in materials.

Trekking shoes are ideal for long treks, treks In which we have to carry loads, trekking in snow, trekking in rain, where steep climbing takes place, and roads full of obstacles.

These shoes are also moderately water-resistant. These shoes usually have good ankle support.  So these are preferred for long treks.

3) Mountaineering Boots: These are the boots that are for extreme mountaineering or extreme treks which usually normal people do not take these types of treks like climbing Mt Everest or Mt Kanchenjunga

These are the type of boots that can be used on ice, rocks, glaciers, and they usually have the highest level of grip. As these shoes are the highest in the category they are a lot expensive.

A usual mountaineering shoe starts from Rs 10,000  and also these shoes are not easily available in India. Mostly they have to be exported because of the lack of demand.

Top 10 Trekking Shoes Preferred In India

1. Quechua Ontrail 100 Grey

These are some of the highest-selling trekking shoes In India and are often called textile boots. These are beginner-focused boots.

These boots are most comfortable and also it is made up of 100% rubber outsole and it is eco friendly.

The ldone on the outside of the shoes is 100% recycled. This shoe also has a certain level of Waterproofing and it is tested and claimed by the company. The cost of this shoe is Rs 6000.

2. Salomon X ultra 3 GTX W

These are high terrain, all-terrain shoes and these are made rugged and also the material coated on the outside of this is Gore-tex.

This means it is Waterproof and it has amazing stability, grip, provides comfort to our feet, and is comfortable in difficult terrains.

These shoes are a lot of expensive. They cost almost Rs 15000-17000.

3. Quechua NH100

These are extremely affordable trekking shoes and with all the major features of a trekking shoe. These shoes have a good amount of ankle support but these shoes are not Water resistant.

So these shoes are clearly not to be used in rain or watery areas or snow treks. The Build quality is high and can take rough terrains with a lot of ease. These shoes cost just Rs 1500.

4. Quechua MH 100

This is a very nice Trekking shoe. This has good support, good grip, and even has water resistance.

It has amazing ankle support as well. These shoes are easy to wash and can be used in rainy terrains, ice terrains.

These shoes will perform in all the treks be it of the easy level of difficulty or moderate level of difficulty or Hard level of difficulty. These shoes cost around Rs 3500.

5. Wildcraft Hypagrip

These shoes of Wildcraft are Budget shoes and these shoes are known for their amazing traction abilities so these shoes will provide you amazing grip while climbing the mountains or on a rough patch or an uneven surface.

But there is a disadvantage of this shoe. It is believed that this shoe has water-resistance facilities of only up to a basic level so monsoon treks are not feasible while wearing this shoe. The price of this shoe is around Rs 4000.

6. Lee Cooper Men’s Trekking and Hiking Boots

These shoes are of Lee Cooper and are of amazing quality and the best shoes that you will get in the price range of 2500- 3500. They are made of Leather and provide an excellent grip while trekking.

7. Salomon L40125000 Synthetic X ultra 3 prime Men’s Hiking Shoe

This is an amazing Shoe Under the price range of 9000, It Costs around Rs 8549. These shoes are best for Climbing and are made of synthetic material so it makes it long-lasting and the quality of materials used is a class A material so it will provide comfort as well as toughness.

8. Woodland Men Sneakers

These are the bestsellers above the range of 2500 to 4000. It is of Leather and is Extremely reliable. Woodland is the brand best known for its tough and long-lasting shoes.

9. Salomon L40245500 Quest 4D 2GTX Backpacking Shoes

These are the best shoes you will get and with the best material present, it even has Gore-Tex which is the highest level of waterproofing in Shoes. The exact price of this shoe is around Rs 20000.

10. Furo By Redchief Men’s H20006-a F006 Hiking Shoes

These are the shoes by the Redchief brand and are really Good. These shoes are light, durable and easy to wear. These are made of long, lasting materials and the price of this Shoe is Rs 1800.

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